Friends of the tribe

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Brother Master Harry Mok

Kajukenbo and Kung Fu

Actor, Writer, Director, Stuntman, Producer.

Uncle Senior Grandmaster Allen Joe

Personal family friend of Sijo Bruce Lee and his family.

Also one of Bruce Lee's original students of Jeet Kune Do, and weight trainers.

 This is a huge honor to meet and talk story with the last co-founder of Kajukenbo.  Uncle GGM Frank Ordonez.  A very kind and humble man.

My extended Kung Fu Ohana

The great Magallenes Family: Linda, Monique, Anthony Sr., Jasmine, and Anthony Jr.  The group is well known by the demo team name, Eagle Strike.

Brother, actor, and fellow martial artist,  Stephen Lang from movies like, Tombstone, Avatar, and Don't Breath.  Coolest cat ever.

My other Tae Kwon Do brother

Master Steven Barbieri

Uncle Grandmaster Eric Lee

Kung Fu

Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Stuntman, amazing martial artist.

Tae Kwon Do Sista Master Bridger Fox

actor, and stuntwoman.


 Another Tae Kwon Do brother

Master Hank Minitrez

Uncle Grandmaster Gary Cagaanan.

Jeet Kune Do and Kajukenbo

Brother Professor Glenn Fajardo Mariano.  Kajukenbo and Escrimador

A longtime friend and brother

Sensei Rodney Nakamura

Wado Ki Kai - Karate

My brother and one time student, Sibak Ron Fontillas

from Hayes Martial Arts.

Kajukenbo and Balintawak

My Brother Master Robert Raney

Submission Fighting and Shorin-Ryu Under the late great Hanshi Sid Campbell.

Good friend Grandmaster Joe Olivera and Sifu Crystal Suan

Kajukenbo and boxing

Owner and head trainer at  US Karate and Boxing.

Yet another Tae Kwon Do brother

Master Michael Catura.

Brother Grandmaster Brian Kula Fung.

Kajukenbo, Kung Fu

Stuntman, actor, fight choreographer

Brother Master Sonny Synesa aka JJ Stomp

Muay Lao "Xang Seek Mai"

My braddah from anadda Madda,

Master Sonny Sison

Kajukenbo and Escrimador

Stuntman, writer, producer, actor,

fight choreographer

Auntie GM Malia Bernal

Kung Fu and Kajukenbo

Professor Charlie Smith


Master Humberto David de Jesus.

Kung Fu

I want give a big shout out and huge thanks to Paloma and Chris from Tiger Claw for taken great care of all my needs when it comes to martial arts equipment. The best around. And most importantly, thank you for your friendship. See ya soon.


One of my Instructors, GM

Brian Yoshii.    Kajukenbo

Mrs. Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce Lee's) Widow  was gracious enough to sign the "Uncle Allen Joe and Bruce Lee Visionary Award for me.  Disclaimer: Mrs. Cadwell and her image is no way endorsing me or my school.  We are only friends. Oss.


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