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"There's a fine line between confidence and arrogence.  Learn the difference." - Prof. Bob Gomez


Grandmaster Bob Gomez
Born in Taiwan in 1963. Relocated to the U.S. at the age of two.   Bob's dad enrolled him into a local martial arts school after seeing Enter the Dragon at the age of 10.  Bob began training in 1973 at Gaylord's Kenpo/Karate in Fremont, California.
His instructors were  (using current day rank):
Senior Grandmaster Bill Gifford
Grandmaster Greg Lagera
Bob was Gaylord's for about one year, until his mother complained about the bruising, and it became difficult for his family to pay the school's dues.  The city eventually condemned the building, and Gaylord's closed.
Bob continued training with his friends in garages, backyards, and public parks.  Kajukenbo calls that "old school," and "going back to the roots."
In 1978, after discovering that (current rank) Great Grand Master Charles Gaylord had re-opened his school, Bob began training at Gaylord's Fremont Dragons in Fremont, California.
His instructors were (using current rank):
Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales

Grandmaster Bill Sills
Senior Gtandmaster Bill Gifford
After six months Bob returned to garage sessions, again, because his parents couldn't afford dues.  He signed up for Tae Kwon Do at Ohlone College in Fremont, California, as an accelerated high school student.
Master Connie Miller
After two years and achieving the rank of green belt, the Tae Kwon Do classes were discontinued because of curriculum cuts.  During this time Bob never stopped working out in garage sessions with his friends, and now returned to those full time.
In 1988 Bob was invited to observe Golden Dragon School of Karate in Newark, California.   He was introduced to (current rank) Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales and by the end of that evening, Bob signed up to be a Golden Dragon.  He never left.  
Instructors: (using current rank)
Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales
Grandmaster Bill Sills
Grandmaster Brian Yoshi
Professor Mark Davis
Grandmaster Casey McPartland

Received student black belt - 1991
1st degree  - May 1992
Received Golden Dragon School of Karate Instructors certificate
2nd degree - Dec. 1993

Golden Dragon closed in 1999.  Sigung James Marshall and Bob began teaching private sessions, visiting other dojos, and learning and sharing techniques.

Received 3rd degree - Aug. 2003
Received Kajukenbo Association of America instructors certificate - Aug. 2003
In 2007 Hayes Martial Arts  opened in Newark, California.  Bob began teaching there in 2008, and was awarded the Head Instructor position in 2009.

Received 4th (Sifu) degree - Dec. 2009 

Bob left Hayes Martial Arts to teach privates in 2010.


Received 6th degree (Sigung) - Sept. 2015

Received 8th degree (Professor) March, 12th, 2017

Received 9th degree (Grandmaster) Nov. 11th, 2019 - per the final wishes of SGM Pete Morales.

Bob is currently the owner and operator of Island Style Kajukenbo, in Fremont, California.

Kajukenbo Association of America lifetime member
Golden Dragon Ohana lifetime member
Marketing and membership officer for Golden Dragon Ohana
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member 2013 and 2014
Intercontinental Martial arts Hall of Fame 2013
Masters Hall of Fame member 2014

Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame 2017

Member of M.A.A.R.A - Martial Arts Animal Rights Alliance 2014
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors member 2015
Lifetime member of the Martial Arts Alliance
Appeared in 3 issues of Martial Science Magazine (Amazon)
Appeared in The International Directory of Martial Arts Instructors 2014 (Amazon)

Silvercreek Security Academy Graduate 2012

Koa (Kajukenbo Ohana Association Member) 2015

Ohana 8 member 2015

World Head of Family Sokeship Council - Outstanding Kajukenbo Instructor of the year Award 2019

Member of the (IWA) The Independent Warriors Association 2020

Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana, LLC lifetime member 2022





Sifu John Cambra

John began his martial arts journey in 1979 at the age of seven, when his father thought he needed more discipline, focus, and self-confidence in order to be a successful young man.  Under the instruction of Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales, Grandmaster Bill Sills, and Grandmaster Brian Yoshii, Sifu John earned his Student Black Belt in May, 1989, and went on to receive his First Degree Black Belt in March, 1990.  

After two years of training and teaching, Sifu John was awarded his Second Degree Black Belt in June 1992.  

He took time off from martial arts to pursue a family and a career.  Sifu John is a California Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and works for an outpatient Orthopedic clinic in Fremont, California.  He is also a California Certified Massage Therapist, and has had been in successful private practice since 1995, specializing in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy to promote overall health and well-being in the body.

After many years away from the art, Sifu John "came home to his roots" in 2015, and is now an Assistant Instructor with Professor Bob Gomez at Island Style Kajukenbo.

Sifu John received his 3rd degree black belt (Sifu) from SGM Pete Morales on Sept. 20th, 2015, and received his 4th degree (Sifu) March, 12th, 2017 by SGM Pete Morales

Elevated to 5th degree (Sifu) by SGM Bill Sills 2021


Fun facts:

  • Played his first musical instrument, the Trombone in elementary school (age six) and has been playing music ever since. He currently owns three bass guitars, one of which he bought at age 14, and a trumpet which he still owns from high school.

  • Loves horror movies (the scarier the better).

  • Is a HUGE Star Wars fan and owns replica Stormtrooper armor from the original 1977 film, and is a member of the Golden Gate Garrison 501st Legion, which does charity events for the Make A Wish Foundation.

  • Golden Dragon Ohana lifetime member.

  • Head Instructor of Island Style Kajukenbo - Jan. 6th, 2021  

Yen Dinh  Assistant Instructor

(they/them) is a martial artist born and raised by Vietnamese immigrant parents in the East Bay. They grew up watching historical Chinese martial arts dramas from the 80s and 90s which fueled their passion to train. They were first introduced to martial arts through Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu in 2011. They trained up to Hei Long Shou Shu Zi Low Purple but they had to quit because their family could not afford the school fees as the belt progressed higher. In 2015, they trained at Shugyo Aikido and was working towards their 2nd Kyu Brown Belt until the school abruptly closed down.  


Yen attended UCLA for their undergraduate education and during their time there, they participated in a variety of martial arts that UCLA Recreation and UCLA Club Sports had to offer. They dabbled in a bit of Tae Kwon Do, Grappling, Hapkido, Karate, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing-Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. Additionally, they trained a summer of Tae Kwon Do at their local community college in the summer of 2018. 


Yen officially joined Kajukenbo under Grandmaster Bob Gomez in the summer of 2019. They are currently a student black belt working towards their 1st degree black belt. 


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