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Disclaimer: The image of

Linda Lee Cadwell in no way

constitutes her endorsement

of me or my school.  She's

only a respected friend.

We are currently back in the dojo, with safety measures in place, which includes the majority of students and instructors receiving their vaccines and the ones who choose not too will be required to continue full CDC protocols.  We are also still teaching a few student remotely via the Zoom app.  

We welcome Mr. Bruce Kavich to the ranks of black belt.  On Saturday April 10th, 2021, Bruce successfully passed his first degree black belt test.  He has trained here at ISK for 6 years and the journey wasn't an easy one.  But at the young age of 62 he pushed through, trained hard, took the hits and gave them back. I am so proud to have him be the first black belt here at ISK.  Welcome my brother.