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1.  There is a saying, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear." Apparently I was ready because ISK has appeared. Sifu Bob Gomez is without ego, a pleasure to work with,  totally focused on understanding the student's needs and tailoring training to fit.  I did not believe that teaching as an identifiable process existed before I started training at ISK. Sifu Bob knows many other instructors and is not shy about bringing them in to share what they know or to address a specific issue. Right here, right now, at ISK, I am finding training that I was looking for.  

Brian Terry - Fremont, Ca - 2014


2.  I had been taking Shotokan Karate for 7 months and felt I was not interested in the traditional Karate .  I remembered when I was a kid I studied KAJUKENBO  for a while and the style never left my heart I had searched everywhere in my city and there where many schools but they did not open until the late afternoon since I work swing shift I was almost losing hope . thats when I went to KAJUKENBO.ORG and found Island Style KAJUKENBO I meet Sifu Bob Gomez and spoke to him about my burning desire to complete the great art he was teaching . From my first class I knew ISK was my Home where I belonged. The morning classes were perfect with my work schedule the instructing is first class just how I pictured it .You will be learning self defense from one of the best . ISK ALL DAY

Richard Ortiz - San Jose Ca - 2014 



I am trying to think of how I can describe my training with Sigung Bob Gomez at Island Style Kajukenbo.  I have had a burning desire to train in the martial arts since I was a kid.  I remember growing up I would never miss the weekly television series Kung Fu, and from the first time I saw a Bruce Lee movie I knew I wanted to train, but not in a typical school.  I wanted to train in a small group with an instructor who was not only a great martial artist, but a great teacher also.  On and off over many years I would try to find what I considered the right fit for me.  After my first conversation with Sigung I knew I was in the right place at the right time.  Small class size, personal instruction, a teacher that truly cares about his students, and I could tell all of this after just one conversation over the phone.  When I met Sigung Bob Gomez I was not disappointed, the class size was small, personal and offered world class instruction.  It was not your typical get em in and get em out martial arts school.  Sigung tailors everything to ones abilities and body type, he takes his time and because of this one is given the gift to really be able to learn and absorb the art.  My Island Style Kajukenbo training has been sharp, realistic, fun, addictive, modern and traditional; I would recommend it to anyone with a serious desire to learn real martial arts.  I have made some great friends, had a blast and am thrilled with my decision to join the I.S.K. team!

Bruce Kavich - San Mateo, Ca - 2014


I trained in Kajukenbo with Sigung Bob Gomez years ago at our old school Golden Dragon in Newark.  After being away from the art for many years I wanted to get back into training.  I missed Kajukenbo and the training as well as the Kajukenbo Ohana.  I was looking for a private one on one type of school.  I did a search on the Internet for Golden Dragon to see if anyone from the old school is still around and I came across the ISK website and contacted Sigung Bob.  ISK is just the type of school I was looking for.  The classes are small, with no more than 3 to 4 students in a semi-private setting with adults only.  The training is serious, realistic and intense as well as fun all in a relaxed atmosphere just as I remember from my Kajukenbo training years ago at Golden Dragon.  Sigung Bob is very patient with the students, personable as well as a very humble and knowledgable martial artist who is without ego. He takes his time to ensure that the student really understands the different movements and techniques in Kajukenbo.  I highly recommend Island Style Kajukenbo to anyone who is serious about learning Kajukenbo!  


Wayne Goularte -  San Ramon, Ca - 2016


Becoming a member of Island Style Kajukenbo was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I’m a social guy and tend to head to house parties and clubs however that all comes with risks. Days after an incident during one night when a gangbanger attacked me and I knew that I can’t let this keep happening, so I started asking around and found out about Island Style Kajukenbo. I was introduced to Professor Bob Gomez from a friend of mine as we sat and he asked me why I wanted to join, and I told him “ I want to learn self-defense and learn how to handle conflict.” I also explained to him that I like to learn new skills and martial arts was something that was missing in my life. He then accepted me to be part of the Ohana and showed me what their values are and how everything we learn can be implemented in life in general. Professor Bob Gomez truly cares for his students success as he not only extremely down to earth man but his teachings are just perfect for anyone. I recommend anyone who doubts in their skills in self-defense to invest in themselves and become a member of Island Style Kajukenbo Ohana.

Rashad Arash - Fremont, Ca - 2016


Having grown up around those who trained in Kajukenbo, I would never have thought that I would become a student. Thankfully, I was encouraged to contact Professor Bob Gomez. After meeting Professor Bob and watching him teach a class, I knew in my heart that I was motivated to join. I feel blessed with this opportunity. I'm on a path that is not only fun, but challenging and deeply meaningful. I feel like I've stepped through a door to a new life. I look forward to my classes. It's a honor to be part of the Kajukenbo Ohana. I appreciate Professor Bob's genuine love for his art. He is an inspiration. I look forward to continuing on this path to learn and grow into a better human being.


Part 2

One of the best gifts I could ever give myself and to my loved ones was when I became a student of Island Style Kajukenbo! My character and outlook on life has changed in such a positive way that those around me have taken notice. I'm grateful for the opportunity to train with Professor Gomez who has an innate ability to encourage and challenge me with his wealth of knowledge, experience, and teaching style. If anyone is looking to learn self-defense, I highly recommend checking out ISK! 
🤙Thank you Professor Bob!

Gina (Gifford) Nickels - Fremont, Ca - 2017


Although Kajukenbo has a reputation for being brutally effective I find the Island Style family to be warm accepting and down to earth.

The small class size and the opportunity for private lessons allow for a learning environment that is customized to the student needs whether an athletic adolescent or a out of shape middle aged woman with prior orthopedic injuries. The Teacher Bob Gomez is also good at instilling a healthy philosophy and values surrounding martial arts without getting self righteous or overly mystical.

If you are interested in self defense you will be effective faster studying Kaju than many more formal styles of martial arts. 

Dr. Julia Nyquist - Alameda, Ca - 2017


It has been almost three years that my children are taking Kajukenbo class with Professor Gomez. My son is 23 years old and my daughter is 15, and both of them with great pleasure and excitement are attending every class. Despite the difference in age, gender and personality Professor Gomez have a unique and individual approach for each one of them. 


Every class leaves a student with a sense of accomplishment and a great amount of sweat as a result of hard work. The essence of the class that Professor Gomez has a great sense of humor and none of his classes are boring. The dojo itself is very clean, organized, and well structured. The reason that my son has decided to start practicing martial arts is to be able to stand up for himself and his loved one, moreover, he is not only become a good martial artist but a strong young man with a great sense of confidence and integrity. When it comes to making a decision about my daughter attending this school, it was a result of her being bullied at school, low self-esteem, and low confidence. This school not only taught her how to defense herself, but her self esteem and confidence greatly improved. Professor Gomez created a very welcoming and respectful environment in his dojo. Every member of this dojo like family or good friends regardless of gender, age, and race. As Professor Gomez says it is “Ohana”. In this time it is very rare to find a martial art instructor with top-notch skills and great desire to share his skills. Professor Gomez lives and breaths martial art, and it is a great honor to be his student.



Feruzon - Fremont, Ca - 2016


A good man, teaching good martial arts, with the student being paramount.  If you're looking to train in the arts, spend 15 minutes talking to Prof.  Bob.  You won't regret it...

Dennis Duarte - Pleasanton, Ca. - 2019





Review on Island Style Kajukenbo School

“Fun”, “gives you useful tips”, “Professor Bob is a good teacher” are some of the things that my 12 year old son tells me when I ask him how he is enjoying the sessions.  We joined two months ago and every session has been fun and helpful.  Professor Bob and his team really provide a fun and comfortable environment for you to learn and get better. He and his team are really good at adapting to your skill level, from beginner to those with martial arts experience already.  It’s been such an enjoyable experience, and I have seen an improvement in both of our skill levels since attending.  I would highly recommend that you give Professor Bob and his team a chance, they’re great people on top of being there to teach you some helpful skills to protect yourself.    


Quynh & Bishop Truong - Fremont, Ca - 2021


My low confidence after manipulative relationships, as well as the Trump era's attacks on people of color and women, led me to sign up with Island Style Kajukenbo two months before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grandmaster Bob Gomez's awareness of women's concerns, consistent encouragement, and top-notch online teaching skills have built in me not only an embodied confidence but also an identity as a martial artist. The resulting decrease in poor habits and concurrent increase in life-affirming ones have been priceless. Much appreciation and gratitude to you, Grandmaster Bob!

Anuradha Advani, 2021
Kitsap County, WA